Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Advent 2015- Welcome to the Palace!

Welcome everybody to the Palace of Glittering Delights.

It's all new, there'll be all sorts of goodies appearing over the next few weeks and months. And the pictures will change. Promise.

Feel free to borrow and use any of this material- but if republishing it, please credit me ('Chris Hudson'), and say where it came from, too- I want the followers! If it's for anything more than sharing something amongst a few friends, remember it's always good manners to ask first. And naturally, if you want to use it for anything involving a financial return, do get in touch, and I'm sure we can come to some arrangement. Or I will hunt you down in Christian love.

In the meantime, as our country prepares to decide on adding to the joy of the Middle East even further... a poem.

Advent 2015
As jets are fuelled and armed and parked
Resembling shoals of hungry sharks
Their pilots briefed, with cameras set
For download on the internet
Their targets dig with spades and hands
Dark tunnels deep beneath the sands.
Whilst headline writers set their type
With overflowing clich├ęd hype
Proclaiming this will serve our cause
And force our enemies to pause…
Some refugees plod further West
In search of somewhere safe to rest
For Bethlehem is burning down
A sacrifice for Herod’s crown.

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