Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Nostalgia corner

In 1980, ‘Not the Nine O’Clock News’ was a satirical BBC show featuring some young upstarts who went on to carve out very successful careers. Just as the result of the U.S. Presidential election was announced, they closed one show with this.

So just in case the current US presidential campaign continues to get even more scary, here’s an updated version. And by the way, I do love our American friends and wish them well. Please… just don’t vote for him. For all our sakes, please don’t. Thank you.

I Believe
I believe that ice cream’s better with a wafer
I believe that packing guns will make us safer
I believe a deck of cards is never stacked
I believe you’ll win an Oscar if you’re black
And I believe our people cannot be deceived,
Oh I believe, yes I believe…

I believe that life can sometimes be erratic
I believe Saudi Arabia’s, democratic
I believe that prison always solves a problem
And to anyone who disagrees, well sod'em
And I believe that every Mexican’s a thief…
Oh I believe, yes I believe

I believe an honest man cannot, be cheated
I believe the Vietcong were left, defeated,
I believe that flying saucers are, for real
I believe a Big Mac makes a healthy meal
And I believe a child should never have to grieve…
Oh I believe, yes I believe

I believe that God is always on our side
I believe Obama’s, birth certificate, lied,
I believe that state-run health is highly wasteful
I believe that Game of Thrones is kinda, tasteful
And I believe in every lie that I’ve been sent…

But I can’t believe, Donald Trump could be President.

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